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Demo Tape - 1998

01. Death Blooms
02. Internal Primates Forever

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Kill, I Oughtta - 1997

01. Poop Loser
02. Seed
03. Cultivate
04. Some Assembly Required
05. I.D.I.O.T. (Live)
06. Central Disposal (Live)
07. Coal (Live)

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L.D 50 - 2000

01. Monolith
02. Dig
03. Internal Primates Forever
04. -1
05. Death Blooms
06. Golden Ratio
07. Cradle
08. Nothing To Gein
09. Mutatis Mutandis
10. Everything And Nothing
11. Severed
12. Recombinant Resurgence
13. Prod
14. Pharmaecopia
15. Under My Skin
16. (K)now F(Orever)
17. Lethal Dosage

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The Beginning of All Things to End - 2001

01. Poop Loser
02. Seed
03. Cultivate
04. Some Assembly Required
05. I.D.I.O.T.
06. Central Disposal
07. Coal
08. Fear
09. Dig [Future Evolution Remix]
10. Dig [Everything and Nothing Remix]

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The End of All Things to Come - 2003

01. Silenced
02. Trapped In The Wake Of A Dream
03. Not Falling
04. (Per) Version Of A Truth
05. Mercy, Severity
06. World So Cold
07. The Patient Mental
08. Skrying
09. Solve Et Coagula
10. Shadow Of A Man
11. 12:97:24:99
12. The End Of All Things To Come
13. A Key To Nothing

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Lost And Found - 2005

01. Determined
02. Pushing Through
03. Happy?
04. IMN
05. Fall Into Sleep
06. Rain. Sun. Gone.
07. Choices
08. Forget To Remember
09. TV Radio
10. Just
11. All That You Are
12. Pulling The String

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The New Game - 2008

01 - Fish Out Of Water
02 - Do What You Do
03 - A New Game
04 - Have It Your Way
05 - A Cinderella Story
06 - The Hate In Me
07 - Scarlet Letters
08 - Dull Boy
09 - Same Ol
10 - Never Enough
11 - We The People

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Mudvayne - 2009

1. Beautiful And Strange
2. 1000 Mile Journey
3. Scream With Me
4. Closer
5. Heard It All Before
6. I Can't Wait
7. Beyond The Pale
8. All Talk
9. Out To Pasture
10. Burn The Bridge
11. Dead Inside

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Privilegivm-Secrets Of The Moon(2009)Full album Download

Genre: Black Metal
01. Privilegivm
02. Sulphur
03. Black Halo
04. I Maldoror
05. Harvest (I Forgive Myself / The Tree of Life / Exsultet)
06. For They Know Not
07. Queen Among Rats
08. Descent
09. Shepherd


Jihad EP (2001)

1. Possession
2. Lord Is My Weapon
3. Germ
4. Fillthee
5. T.R.I.C.
6. Possession (2nd Version).mp3
7. T.R.I.C. (Demo Version).mp3
8. The Lord Is My Weapon (Demo Version).mp3

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Sevas Tra (2002)

1. Tortured
2. Blood Pigs
3. T.R.I.C
4. My Confession
5. Sacrilege
6. Battle Ready
7. Emtee
8. Possession
9. Thots
10. Fillthee
11. Menocide
12. Jonestown Tea

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House Of Secrets (2004)

01. Requiem
02. Warhead
03. Buried Alive
04. Sepsis
05. House Of Secrets
06. Hooks And Splinters
07. Gutter
08. Autopsy Song
09. Suiside Trees
10. Nein
11. Self-Made
12. Shattered Pieces

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The Ascension (2007)

01. March of the Martyrs
02. Confrontation
03. Perfectly Flawed
04. Crooked Spoons
05. Milk of Regret
06. Noose and Nail
07. Ghostflowers
08. Breed
09. Eat the Children
10. Invisible
11. Home Grown
12. Communion
13. Adrenochrome Dreams

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Smash The Control Machine - 2009

01. Rise, Rebel, Resist
02. Sweet Tooth
03. Smash The Control Machine
04. Head of Medusa
05. Numb & Dumb
06. Oh, So Surreal
07. Run For Cover
08. Kisses & Kerosene
09. Unveiled
10. Ur A WMN Now
11. Serv Asat
12. Where The River Ends
13. I Remember

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Prachir means “The Wall”. However the band members would like to interpret it in a different manner.
"The sources of inspiration behind our survival and existence are the obstacle which we have faced as a band through out the journey".
That’s how we have matured as a stronger cohesive unit and thus the band aptly named PRACHIR – (Fighting against odds) formed in the year 2006 and specializes in the Modern Age Alternative Music.

• Soumyo – Vocals and acoustic guitar
• Bua – Lead guitar
• Dev- Bass guitar
• Ayan- Drums and percussion.
• Indro- Keyboard and Management.

The band released their first self titled album from Asha Audio on 26th Sep.08. The album is not for the fainthearted. You will like it if you have stomach for unusual sounds and lyrics .They were the first band to promote Bangla Rock Music in national television.
In 2009, Channel [V] Launch pad III was responsible for bringing Prachir to the attention of the national audiences.



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A melodic maelstrom that snaps neck as much as it allows the foot to tap, Acrid Semblance make music that incorporates a vicious guitar and rhythm section attack with keyboard flourishes, which has seen their fan base grow ever since their 2003 offering Soul Corrosion, snaked its way into the Indian metal underground. A follow up titled From the oblivion is due to cement their reputation as serious musicians and sure to provide the audience with a hefty dose of power rush.

MIND GAMES (2009)Download Full  EP 

Genre: Death/Black Metal
Track List :
1. Mind games .
2. The Desecrater .
3. Phrophecy of War .
4.Wasteful Hate .



Acrid Arts
Running for Eternity
Mindwarp I
The Desecrator
Burning the ashes 




What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse (EP) (2001)

01. All My Best Friends Are Bullets 01:03
02. To You, Contortionist 03:51
03. The Middle Goes Down 04:25
04. This Ain't No Fuckin' Love Song 03:44
05. A Dead Refrain (The Chorus Sang) 04:56
06. The Hive 04:00

A Cold-Blooded Epitaph (EP) (2002)

01. Closed Casket Requiem 4:43
02. The Blackest Incarnation 4:41
03. Burning The Hive 4:00
04. Paint It Black (Rolling Stones Cover) 2:34

Unhallowed (2003)

01. Unhallowed 1:59
02. Funeral Thirst 3:55
03. Elder Misanthropy 2:34
04. Contagion 3:23
05. When The Last Grave Has Emptied 3:11
06. Thy Horror Cosmic 2:55
07. The Blackest Incarnation 4:43
08. Hymn For The Wretched 4:18
09. Closed Casket Requiem 4:25
10. Apex 5:05

Miasma (2005)

01. Built For Sin 1:15
02. I'm Charming 2:54
03. Flies 3:26
04. Statutory Ape 3:42
05. A Vulgar Picture 3:37
06. Novelty Cross 3:51
07. Dave Goes To Hollywood 3:59
08. Miscarriage 3:09
09. Spite Suicide 2:52
10. Miasma 4:41

Nocturnal (2007)

01. Everything Went Black 03:17
02. What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse 03:50
03. Virally Yours 03:02
04. I Worship Only What You Bleed 01:59
05. Nocturnal 03:13
06. Deathmask Divine 03:37
07. Of Darkness Spawned 03:22
08. Climactic Degradation 02:39
09. To A Breathless Oblivion 04:57
10. Warborn 04:40

Deflorate (2009)

01. Black Valor 3:09
02. Necropolis 3:30
03. A Selection Unnatural 2:50
04. Denounced, Disgraced 3:43
05. Christ Deformed 3:30
06. Death Panorama 1:54
07. Throne Of Lunacy 3:34
08. Eyes Of Thousand 3:13
09. That Which Erodes The Most Tender 3:01
10. I Will Return 5:34


“Undying Incorporated”, a combination of two different words that form a common ideology. To create something that cannot be destroyed and that which is an explosive mix of various influences and ingredients. A band known for making some of the most overwhelming heavy music in today’s metal scene! Combining a lethal blend of high speed thrash riffing, aggressive hardcore breakdowns and death metal technicality with shades of math metal interplay, Undying Inc create a sound they can proudly call their own!

The band has been around since 2003 and has been consistently building a formidable reputation. Relentless intensity, sharp twists; rapid changes and fluid gear shifting make their music a lesson in monumental grind like ferociousness. The result is crushing! Like adrenaline in the bloodstream, UNDYING INC is at once powerful, explosive and yet abstract.


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Download Attack's New Single, "Condemned," For Free

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Nightrage-Wearing A Martyr's Crown(2009)Full album Download

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

01. Shed The Blood
02. Collision Of Fate
03. A Grim Struggle
04. Wearing A Martyr's Crown
05. Among Wolves
06. Abandon
07. Futile Tears
08. Wounded Angels
09. Mocking Modesty
10. Failure Of All Human Emotions
11. Sting Of Remorse
12. Failure Of All Human Emotions (Demo Version)



European melodic death metal outfit NIGHTRAGE have come full circle, and this time their pursuit of death metal excellence will have the entire metal community in agreement! After the release of "A New Disease Is Born," NIGHTRAGE looked once again to friend/producer Fredrik Nordstrom (Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, At the Gates) to record an album that defines the Melodic death metal genre. After two highly successful albums on Century Media (and one on their new label home Lifeforce), "Wearing A Martyr's Crown" will take everyone back to the glory days of the Gothenburg Metal scene.

The album mixes Marios Iliopoulos' frenetic guitar style, incredible riffing, eerie melodies and his trademark solos with the unmistakable Olof Morck providing astounding melodies and leads; the never ending punishment from vocalist Antony Hamalainen will remind fans of classic works such as "Slaughter Of The Soul" and "The Mind's I". With hard hitting rhythms laid down by the pulsating bass playing of Anders Hammer and the machine like drumming of Johan Nunez, no stone is left unturned by a band that knows exactly where it came from and exactly where it's going. "Wearing A Martyr's Crown" will go down in Melodic Death Metal history! Without a doubt it is the comeback of the decade in the melodic death metal genre.

The album’s thrashy opener “Shed The Blood” starts out with atmospheric chants fused with eerie industrial noises composed by DRAGONLAND keyboardist Elias Holmlid, but after the song itself kicks in, it quickly assumes the shape of a metallic masterpiece. “Failure Of All Human Emotions” grinds like hellfire! Songs like “Wearing A Martyrs Crown” and “Abandon” (with smooth Hammond guest keys from Fredrik Nordstrom of DREAM EVIL) introduce some very emotional 12 string and acoustic guitars into the metal Nightrage mayhem. “Futile Tears” and “Mocking Modesty” (with a guest vocal appearance from Sakis Tolis of ROTTING CHRIST), surprise the listener with a more 80´s metal approach. “A Grim Struggle” kicks into the classic metal territory with the combination of hooks and brutality. The instrumental “Sting Of Remorse” is an ultimate epic full of incredible leads. This song also marks the return of longtime member Gus G FIREWIND to the Nightrage territory.

Since NIGHTRAGE was formed in Greece by Marios Iliopoulos (ex-EXHUMATION) and guitar hero Gus G (FIREWIND, ex-DREAM EVIL) many prominent figures of metal such as Tomas Lindberg (ex-AT THE GATES, DISFEAR, THE GREAT DECEIVER), Nicholas Barker (ex-DIMMU BORGIR, ex-CRADLE OF FILTH), Per Möller Jensen (THE HAUNTED), Mikael Stanne (DARK TRANQUILLITY), Tom S. Englund EVERGREY, and Jacob Hansen (INVOCATOR) have collaborated with the band. 


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The band hailing from the hills of Haflong, Assam was formed back in 2003 as a school band. Soon the band started their rock n roll business. But the band became inactive a year later as all the members were pursuing higher education in different locations . After a gap of two years, the band reformed in the year 2005 with some slight changes in their line-up. Once again the band resumed their duty towards rock n roll. Since then, the band has never looked back and has performed at various rock competitions and soon started getting various local gigs. Within a short span of time, the band was considered as one of the top bands of Assam. The band would like to call their music as Alternative Funk Rock with a blend of Reggae, Blues & Rock n Roll in it

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Obituary - Darkest Day(2009)Download Full Album

 Genre: Death Metal
Over the years, Obituary has added in groove metal elements, sticking with mid-paced material that aims for intensity and sheer heaviness over breakneck speed. Darkest Day continues this direction, with the majority of the thirteen songs driven by razor sharp rhythm guitar work from the always-reliable Trevor Peres and the strong dynamic between the Tardy brothers. The band has perfected the art of keeping a balance between hostile restraint and outright aggression, while keeping things from getting stale by adding in powerful percussion to “Blood To Give” and an extended introduction on “Your Darkest Day.”
Lead guitarist Ralph Santolla doesn’t sound as incongruous as he did on Xecutioner's Return, adding a technical edge to Obituary’s sound, while keeping things grounded enough not to fall into over-indulgent territory. The production is also much improved over their last album. While the guitars still sound distorted and muddled at times, the mix is evenly balanced between all the instruments.
01. List Of Dead
02. Blood To Give
03. Lost
04. Outside My Head
05. Payback
06. Your Darkest Day
07. This Life
08. See Me Now
09. Fields Of Pain
10. Violent Dreams
11. Truth Be Told
12. Forces Realign
13. Left To Die

Your Request


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GENRE- Metalcore

The Eternal Return - 2009

1.Devolution Of The Flesh
2.Death Worship
3.The Tides
4.No God
6.Blessed Infection
8.A Distorted Utopia
9.Black Sun
10.Into The Grey

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Darkest Hour

The Misanthrope (EP) - 1996

01. Vise
02. Looking Forward (To the End)
03. The Misanthrope
04. Fathom
05. Keepsake 23
06. Crossroads

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The Prophecy Fulfilled (EP) - 1999

01. Choir Of The Prophecy, Fulfilled
02. Reflections Of Ruin
03. Broken Wings
04. This Side Of The Nightmare
05. This Curse
06. Coda XIII

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Mark Of The Judas - 2000

01. For the Soul of the Savior
02. A Blessing In Tragedy
03. The Legacy
04. Part II
05. Eclipse
06. The Mark of Judas
07. Escape Artist
08. Messiah Complex
09. How the Beautiful Decay

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So Sedated, So Secure - 2001

01. An Epitaph
02. So Sedated, So Secure
03. The Hollow
04. Another Reason
05. No Closer Than A Stranger
06. A Cold Kiss
07. Treason In Trust
08. The Last Dance Massacre

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Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation - 2003

01. The Sadist Nation
02. Pay Phones and Pills
03. Oklahoma
04. Marching to the Killing Rhythm
05. The Misinformation Age
06. Seven Day Lie
07. Accessible Losses
08. The Patriot Virus
09. Veritas, Aequitas

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Undoing Ruin - 2005

01. With A Thousand Words to Say But One
02. Convalescence
03. This Will Outlive Us
04. Sound the Surrender
05. Pathos
06. Lo
07. Ethos
08. District Divided
09. These Fevered Times
10. Paradise
11. Tranquil

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Archives - 2006

01. The Choir of the Prophecy Fulfilled
02. Reflections In Ruin
03. Broken Wings (Part 1)
04. This Side of the Nightmare
05. This Curse
06. Coda XIII
07. This Side of the Nightmare (Alternate Version)
08. Reflections of Ruin (Alternate Version)
09. This Curse (Alternate Version)
10. Faith Like Suicide
11. Vise
12. Looking Forward (To the End)
13. The Misanthrope
14. Fathom
15. Keepsake 23
16. Crossroads

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Download Here !. Parte2

Deliver Us - 2007

01. Doomsayer (The Beginning of the End)
02. Sanctuary
03. Demon(s)
04. An Ethereal Drain
05. A Paradox With Flies
06. The Light At the Edge of the World
07. Stand and Receive Your Judgment
08. Tunguska
09. Fire In the Skies
10. Full Imperial Collapse
11. Deliver Us

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The Eternal Return - 2009

1.Devolution Of The Flesh
2.Death Worship
3.The Tides
4.No God
6.Blessed Infection
8.A Distorted Utopia
9.Black Sun
10.Into The Grey

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