In the lazy sunday of May 15, Indian metal scene will get richer by one more song. Kerala\Kannur based metal band, The Down Troddence(TDT) is releasing the debut music video of their third track titled 'Shiva'.

The band known for its strong opinions in support of the oppressed and subaltern classes in society, chooses a similar subject in their latest song too. The first part of 'Shiva' titled 'ortniavis'(a wordplay on 'siva intro'), released few months back dealt with a coversation between Sankaracharya(a character in the Hindu Mythology) and Pottan Theyyam(an art form which tells the story between Sankaracharya and Lord Shiva). The low caste pottan theyyam(where Shiva disguised as a Pulayan, Down Trodden) asks Sankaracharya, "What is the difference between us when we both bleed in the same colour when we are stabbed?" The story line of the song briefs the meeting of Shiva disguised as Pulayan with the intention to further test Sankaracharya's knowledge who is proud of himself and about to ascend "Sarwanjha Peedam" (throne of knowledge). 'Shiva' takes off from where 'Ortinavis' left off, also expanding the story to that of Raavana's(another character in Hindu mythology) penance to get Lord Shiva's blessing. Angry at Shiva's silence, Raavanan goes to Kailasa and
plays this shloka with a veena made out of his intestine.These two stories are depicted in the video directed by KS Hashim.

Munz, the band's vocalist says, "We grew up in an atmosphere charged with high energy theyyam performances which dealt with issues like caste conflicts and the sufferings of the downtrodden. This has influenced the band and most of our songs are about these issues which are closer to us and to which we can relate to. We hope the hard work we put in to release of this video will pay off".

Other than the band members themselves, there are a few others who worked hard to make this idea a reality.
Direction: Saju K Salam
Cinematography: Jayesh Mohan & Clint Soman
Editing: Harrison Pv
Mixing and Mastering:Tony John&Rex Vijayan Productions Vivek Thomas and jackson Vijayan